We provide offshore dev team augmentation, as well as build mobile apps, websites, and enterprise software.

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What makes us Melty?

"Now you have a friend in the software business."
Software can be super intimidating because unless you're a developer, it's difficult to tell who's giving you good advice. Maybe you've already experienced a costly false start with developers and haven't yet found a team you trust. This is precisely why we started Melty. 100% of our clients are word-of-mouth referrals by people in our personal and professional networks. We invest a significant amount of time up front understanding your business and your goals before we put a proposal in front of you to make sure we find the most cost effective, extensible, and low-maintenance path for your project.
Development in Brazil
Our development team is located in Espírito Santo, Brazil, a state known for its top engineering schools, including Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo. The area is not a metropolitan hub where Facebook, Google and other large companies have offices, so we don't compete with Big Tech for talent. This means we can hire talented developers, pay our team well, and deliver high-quality, affordable software to you.
Continuous communication
Unlike Europe, India, Russia, or Southeast Asia, Brazil's timezone is only 1-4 hours away from anywhere in the continental US. This enables our team to work US hours and stay in continuous contact with you via Slack, Zoom, or whatever comms tools you prefer. For many clients, we are an extension of their development teams, so many of our developers attend clients’ daily standup calls, participate in planning meetings, and stay in continuous contact with project managers, marketing managers, and scrum masters. The team speaks excellent English, so we’ll get most of your jokes.

Full-stack development for the web, iOS, and Android. Based in the US and Brazil

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We're a full-stack shop with range and depth.



From concept, to private Beta, to launch on the app stores, we’ve built apps for iOS, Android, mobile web, desktop web, and desktop (Electron). We’re also well versed with third-party tools such as Amplitude and GoogleTags to help you understand your users’ behavior. Our app experience includes social media, location-based services, affiliate marketing, scheduling, and API integrations.



SEO-optimized, responsive websites from scratch, or off-the-shelf templates customized to your liking. We can add analytics, custom dashboards such as for cohort tracking, heatmaps, and visitor screen recordings to help you optimize your direct-to-consumer, Shopify, or ecommerce business.



Twitter bots, Slack bots, web bots, bots on bots . . . we can build custom bots to automate tasks, competitor analysis, market research, or help you build a bot-based business.



SaaS web platforms, services, or desktop clients with user authentication, payments, dashboards, metrics, API integrations and more--everything you need to operate your membership or subscription business.


Browser extensions

We’ve built desktop web extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera that comply with each of these browser’s privacy policies. Extensions can include user authentication, as well as app or website integration.



Not only can we integrate third-party APIs to your project, but we can build custom APIs so third parties can integrate to you.



Need help picking a stack, recruiting your own full-time developers, or anything else? Hit us up!