Erivelton and Will founded Melty after working on a multi-year project together and recognizing how well we collaborate. As close friends, our families have traveled and vacationed together, and for better or worse, we share the same sense of humor.

Melty is the culmination of the team's professional goals to 1) work with terrific people; 2) work on challenging problems; and 3) have an impact. Building software together with a great team for interesting clients checks all these boxes.


Erivelton Elias

Erivelton is a self-taught developer who loves building high-quality software quickly and helping members of his team overcome technical challenges. He's active in the open-source community, including managing the react navigation ❤️ repository, which is approaching 700,000 weekly downloads. Erivelton studied computer science at Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo before leaving early to start building real products. His full-stack portfolio includes a location-based transit system for a private bus company, a platform for booking doctors' appointments, and a social media app rivaling Pinterest in functionality. Erivelton spends his free time exploring Brazil with his wife and son, and helping with his wife's retail business.


Igor Henriques
Software Engineer

Igor is an IT enthusiast who has been working with computers from a young age. When he's not working with .NET on backend projects for clients, he's either studying technology, or mentoring young developers through #SouJunior. Igor's core stack includes, .NET Core 2.0+ (.NET 5~7), SQL Servier/MySQL/SQLite, MongoDB/Redis, Restful APIs & WebService, Azure Cloud and more.


Josué Viana de Oliveira
Software Engineer

Josué has a degree in computer science from FAESA, and focuses on backend technologies, including .NET, SQL, APIs, Azure DevOps, and AWS S3.


Luiz Nickel
Software Engineer

Luiz is a front-end developer with a degree in computer science from Wyden. He has experience as a software team lead migrating obsolete web-stacks and developing web applications. Luiz is proficient in JavaScript, Typescript, and React.js.


Rafael Gino
Software Engineer

Rafael has degrees in information technology from Estácio and the Universidade Vila Velha. He's a full-stack developer focusing on C#/.NET, Angular, and other front-end frameworks.


Talles Destefani de Souza Valiatti
Software Engineer

Talles has a degree in electrical engineering at Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo and is a backend developer focused on .NET, Azure, DevOps and SQL. He has several years of experience as a tech team lead working on scalable, quality, high-performance projects. Talles is enthusiastic about new technologies and new challenges.


Vinicius Assum
Software Engineer

Vinicius is a full-stack developer who has previously developed and maintained code in the forestry sector. He enjoys learning new technologies, traveling, and improving his English. Vinicius' stack includes C#/.NET, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, HTML, Javascript, CSS, Bootstrap, Web APIs and Vue.js.


Welber Wendler Ferreira dos Reis
Software Engineer

Welber is a full-stack developer who studied with Erivelton at the Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo, where he earned a Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Computer Science.


Will Rossiter

Will grew up in Montana—no, not on a ranch, although he did work summers as a field hand. He studied economics and English at Santa Clara University, and has an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. Will's led product, sales and marketing on the executive teams at public and private tech companies, and now heads up digital revenue full time at Drink LMNT.

What &
How we Do

Our mission at Melty is to deliver your app, website, or software project affordably and on time, so you can focus on what’s really important: your customers.

Our clients are primarily in the United States, and our development takes place in Brazil. We are deeply embedded in the technical community surrounding a top Brazilian engineering university, Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo, in the beach city of Vitória, Brazil.

This location has the advantage of NOT being located in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife, or other technical hubs where companies like Facebook, Google, and Microsoft compete for talent and pay top dollar to cover higher costs of big-city living.

Unlike Europe, India, Russia, or Southeast Asia, Brazil also has the advantage of being located in a timezone that is 1-4 hours away from anywhere in the continental US. This gives us significant overlapping working hours between the US and Brazil.

In sum, our location enables us to hire ambitious local talent to deliver high-quality product, on time, within budget, and without sacrificing communication.

We Do It for Them

And for tacos.

A few companies to whom we've delivered product at Melty
and throughout our careers.

Bank of America
First Data
Western Union Digital